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    The konwledge of the carbon fiber!

    Industry knowledge
    2019/05/31 14:18
    The konwledge of carbon fiber!
    The world's earliest carbon fiber from the 1986s when Edison invented the electric light,when the lamp filament is carbon fiber.
    What is the carbon fiber?
    Carbon fiber refers to inorganic polymer fiber with carbon content higher than 90%,among which the carbon content higher than 99%is called graphite fiber.
    Carbon fiber performance advantage:
    1、High strength(Five times as much steel)
    2、Excellent heat resistance(can withstand temperatures above 2000degrees celsius)
    3、Excellent thermal shock resistance
    4、Low thermal expansion(small deformation)
    5、Small heat capacity(energy saving)
    6、The proportion of small(1/5 of the steel)
    7、Excellent corrosion and radiation resistance
    8、Flexibility and variability
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