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    About Us

      Weihai Tonglian Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., is located in the beautiful coastal city -- Shandong province Weihai City Village Industrial Zone, specializing in the production of fishing, golf manufacturing equipment, and the successful extension of the development of the large diameter glass tube, other industry carbon tube volume field molding equipment. At the same time supporting various core mold, metal accessories and high-end fishing rod.

      The company since its establishment in 2001, after the wind and rain shower, tempering, reliable product quality and integrity of the service reputation, to become the most professional industry leader. Product best-selling country and exported to Japan, France, Syria, India, Vietnam, Taiwan and other countries and regions, the market share of the top industries.

      Tonglian will to return to nurture "union" grow sturdily in the fertile soil of the mentality here, with innovative products, excellent quality and new service concept, service in the domestic fishing industry and other industries composite pipe manufacturer, to boost the development of the industry!